Know your risk of Diabetes: Take the Blue Circle Test

Almost 50% of individuals with diabetes are unaware of their status because they have not been diagnosed.

South East Asia has nearly one-fifths (20%) of the global diabetes cases. However, 49% of them have not been formally diagnosed, and are not aware of the need to take remedial/ preventative action.

This is reflected in the very low health spending on Diabetes in the region: less than 1% of the global spending on diabetes.

Information, education, and preventative action are crucial.

The International Diabetes Federation has created an application to help determine one’s risk for developing diabetes:

Users have to click on the small circles surrounding the central question mark, and choose the appropriate response describing their status. Once all responses have been submitted, the application generates a report indicating your individual risk for developing diabetes.

The good thing about this application is that it provides action and health education messages below the risk query.


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