World Diabetes Day 2014: Key messages and resources

November 14, 2014 is World Diabetes Day.

2013 statistical estimates indicate that there are 382 million cases of diabetes worldwide, with 80% of them living in low and middle-income countries.

Nearly 50% of individuals with diabetes are unaware of their condition.

South East Asia accounts for 20% of all cases worldwide, but 49% of these cases (20-79 years) are undiagnosed; and the health expenditure on diabetes in the region is <1% of the global expenditure on diabetes.

India (65.1 million) ranks second after China (98.4 million) in terms of the number of cases of diabetes.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has launched a three year campaign (2014-2016) on healthy eating and diabetes.

The World Diabetes Day 2014, seeks to emphasize the importance of healthy eating and diabetes.

The key messages of the campaign include:

Make healthy food the easy choice

Healthy eating: Make the right choice

Healthy eating begins with breakfast 

World Diabetes Day 2014 site:


World Diabetes Day toolkit:

World Diabetes Day Materials:

World Diabetes Day 2014 Poster (Translations available in Bengali and Hindi also):

Glycaemic Index Wheel and Healthy Food Plate app:

Note: One has to move the cursor over/ click the image to make it ‘pop’.

World Diabetes Day web posters:

IDF Diabetes Atlas sixth edition:

Click to access EN_6E_Atlas_Full_0.pdf

IDF Diabetes Atlas sixth edition Regional Factsheets:

IDF Diabetes Atlas sixth edition Interactive Map:


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