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Hydra Island: A fictional story

Let’s assume that the lawmakers decided to allow cars on the island. Since they didn’t want too many cars coming in, they established rules to govern cars on the island:

1. No more than 20 cars on the island at any time. (Since all cars must arrive and leave by ferry, maintaining a record at the harbour is suggested.)

2. Cars are allowed on streets that are 6 or more feet wide only. (Most streets are narrower than 4 feet, so enforcing this is easy.)

3. Pedestrians must avoid the streets on which cars are allowed. (To be enforced by policemen.)

4. If any car is involved in an accident, the car will be shipped off the island. The owner will not be permitted to use any car on the island thereafter. (Easy to enforce since there will be only 20 cars on the island at any point in time.)

5. Every accident involving a car will be investigated by the authorities. Punishment and damages will be determined after the investigation.