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How to perform Data analysis using the Free software EZR. Part 1: Single Continuous Dependent Variable

Last year I had written a series of articles on data analysis using the free software EZR.

EZR is a free software that is based on R, which is a free, open-source software itself.

Unfortunately, the journal website developed technical problems, and was down till recently.

The first of these articles has been published online recently.

No prior statistical knowledge is assumed.

Due to technical problems, the accompanying figures could not be accommodated in the article itself, and are available as a supplementary file.

A fictitious data set is also provided as a supplementary file. The same data set was used to perform statistical procedures in the article.

Readers will gain maximally by simultaneously performing the procedures described in the article using EZR and the sample data set, instead of merely reading the article.

Note 1: In the time since the article was written, a new version of EZR has been released. However, there are no major changes in user interface or functionality, so readers should be able to use the latest version without difficulty.

Note 2: At present the article lacks references and one URL (to a screenshot tutorial on how to install EZR in windows). I am told these will be updated soon, so please check back later if you find the missing elements disconcerting. Nevertheless, the article can be read in its present form without affecting comprehension.

Useful Links:

Link to the article and supplementary files (please look under ‘Series’):


Link to the article (PDF):


Link to the EZR site (to download EZR- provides instructions on installation):


Link to the first article in the series: How to choose the appropriate statistical test using the free program SOFA (PDF):