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Hydra Island: A fictional story (1)

The island opened its doors to cars with much fanfare. Everything seemed to be working just fine….

One month later, a boy was paralyzed in a car accident. As it was the first car accident, it received a lot of media attention.

The car owner was given a clean chit by the investigators.

It was reported that the boy got paralyzed from the waist down due to his insistence on walking after the accident. The report commended the paramedical and medical teams involved for prompt action, saying,” if not for the speed and efficiency of these dedicated personnel, the damage caused by (the boy) walking would have been much worse.”

Nevertheless, the boy was provided with the best medical care available.

On the anniversary of the incident, the local newspaper ran an article on the boy:

“With the best medical and rehabilitative facilities the island can offer, he has now begun walking with support (using crutches)… A truly remarkable feat, considering his condition a year ago. The transformation in his condition can be gauged by his desire to represent the island in the forthcoming Paralympic Games..”