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National Immunization Schedule 2017 (India)

Disclaimer: This article is primarily intended for my students, but others may find it useful as well.

This article will discuss India’s National Immunization Schedule 2017.

Key Messages:

There have been several changes in the immunization schedule, most notably, the introduction of MR vaccine in several states; and the introduction of IPV.

Pregnant women:

There is no change in the immunization schedule for pregnant women.

2018-01-01 15_29_31-NIS 2017 pregnant women


There are several changes here:
1. IPV: Following the switch, IPV has been introduced as two fractionated doses at 6 and 14 weeks, respectively. OPV continues to be administered at 6, 10 and 14 weeks.

2. MR vaccine: In several states, MR vaccination campaign was initiated. Following the campaign, those states would offer MR#1 between 9-12 months; and MR#2 between 16-24 months. The remaining states would continue offering Measles between 9-12 months; and Measles Containing Vaccine #2 (MCV2) between 16-24 months.

3. Kerala has been offering MMR vaccine instead of MCV2 for some time now. Therefore, the state government took a policy decision to offer MR vaccine between 9-12 months; and MMR between 16-24 months instead of MR#2.

4. Rotavirus vaccine: This has also been introduced in a phased manner. It is an oral vaccine, and can be administered up to 1 year of age. It is scheduled for administration at 6, 10 and 14 weeks. Unlike OPV, the dose of this vaccine is 5 drops.

The immunization schedule for infants is as follows:

2018-01-01 18_25_50- NIS 2017 Infants Children:

The notable change includes the MR#2 vaccine between 16-24 months.

2018-01-01 21_15_15-NIS 2017 Children


#1. Two vaccines are administered in the left upper arm: BCG and JE

#2. Two vaccines are administered in the right upper arm: Measles/MR and IPV

#3. Two vaccines are administered intradermally: BCG and IPV

#4. Two vaccines are administered orally: OPV and Rotavirus

#5. Two vaccines are administered subcutaneously: Measles/MR and JE

#6. Two injectable vaccines do not have a dose of 0.5 ml:

  • BCG: 0.1 ml (0.05 ml up to 1 month age)
  • IPV: 0.1 ml

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