Important Health Planning Committees in India

Disclaimer: This article is primarily intended for my students. However, it is of a general nature and may be of use to others as well.

One of the requests I have received recently pertains to Health Planning Committees in India. I have compiled details of some important health planning committees in India for use by students. There is sufficient information to write a short answer on any of the committees included. Some of the information is not found in standard textbooks- I referred the original committee reports for the same.

Those interested in reading about health planning committees in India may find the related mind maps useful. The maps include information about Government’s response to the committee reports and impact of the same.

For brevity, I have focused on only six health planning committees that are more likely to feature in examinations and omitted certain details. These health planning committees include (the year mentioned is the year of appointment of the committee):

  1. Bhore Committee, 1943
  2. Mudaliar Committee, 1962
  3. Chadha Committee, 1963
  4. Mukerji Committee, 1965
  5. Jungalwalla Committee, 1967
  6. Kartar Singh Committee, 1973

Details of the first three committees are shown in the figure below (click on the image to open it in a new tab):

Details of the next three committees are provided in the figure below (click on the image to open it in a new tab):

Useful Links:

Link to PDF document containing the above details:

Link to Google Drive folder containing Mind Maps on Health Planning:


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