Pandemic Response: From Containment to Mitigation

Recommendations for mitigation:

Short term:

  • Divert resources from contact tracing and surveillance to case management and restoration of routine services
  • Enforce physical distancing, consistent use of masks/ PPE, hygiene measures
  • Implement compliance-linked permissions to operate businesses and services
  • Consider scheduling services/ businesses on specific days of the week to minimize crowding
  • Enforce mobility restrictions in public spaces (limit the number of people permitted outside at the same time)
  • Resume transport services with restrictions on number of passengers
  • Stagger the reopening of educational institutions
  • Defer sports and entertainment events (or conduct them fully online- advertising revenue will be available; viewers may be charged an access fee as well)

Long term (preparedness):

  • Invest in developing public health systems and primary health care
  • Establish surveillance systems designed to deal with a pandemic situation
  • Test pandemic preparedness from time to time
  • Establish norms for businesses, services and education that require pandemic planning


Figures 1 and 2 have been sourced from:

‘Pandemics: Risks, Impacts, and Mitigation’ by Nita Madhav and others in ‘Disease control priorities, 3rd Edition’, available from:

The featured image has been sourced from and represents pandemic preparedness of various countries in October 2019.

Useful Links and further reading:

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