Pandemic Response: From Containment to Mitigation

Situational awareness

This is critical to determine the current stage of pandemic, extent of spread, plan appropriate interventions, etc. Understandably, the level of situational awareness depends upon:

  • The quality and nature of data available
  • The frequency of data collection, processing and transmission to superiors
  • The presence and design of surveillance system
  • The extent of multi-sectoral cooperation and coordination
  • The available resources (manpower, expertise, equipment, etc.)
  • How the data is interpreted/ used, etc.

The mere presence of a robust surveillance system does not guarantee high situational awareness. Often, political leadership determines the response to a situation. No matter how good the system, a pandemic is likely to get out of control if the leadership

  • ignores evidence of a pandemic;
  • downplays the need to initiate appropriate interventions to contain the outbreak;
  • delays critical interventions;
  • denies resources required to mount an effective response;
  • invests in unproven/ unscientific measures, etc.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Response: From Containment to Mitigation

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