Pandemic Response: From Containment to Mitigation

Globally, countries/ states are struggling to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, each implementing one or more strategies as part of its response. This article will broadly discuss approaches to dealing with an infectious disease pandemic.


The initial response to a pandemic is containment- efforts to contain the infection within a geographical area. This is appropriate in the initial phase of a pandemic when there are limited number of cases, and includes:

  • Detection of the initial outbreak;
  • Laboratory confirmation and identification of pathogen;
  • Contact tracing, quarantine, and isolation;
  • Communication and community engagement;
  • Situational awareness

Most of the containment measures listed above have been developed and studied in high-income settings with good public health infrastructure. Resource-limited settings have several challenges to adopting/ implementing the above.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Response: From Containment to Mitigation

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