Mental Maps in Community Medicine: Part 1- Introduction –> Taeniasis

Disclaimer: The content in this post is primarily intended for my students, who are familiar with the layout of mental maps. However, those unfamiliar with such non-linear notes may learn how to use these notes by going through the map ‘How to use these notes’, contained in 1. Introduction, and described in this article.

This is the first tranche of maps on Community Medicine. The remaining maps will be released in subsequent tranches.

Each link contains more than one map pertaining to the description in the link. The maps were prepared some time ago, and have not been updated. Although most of the content may not have changed, users are advised to refer a current textbook for the latest information. The notes are best used for rapid revision AFTER completing one reading of the standard textbook. I have omitted (what I felt were) unnecessary details from the maps, retaining only the most important content for an undergraduate student. Therefore, these maps are unsuitable for those seeking comprehensive coverage.

I do not have the time to compile all the maps into a single document. Users are free to create such a document. However, I would prefer that due credit is given to the source, and a copy shared with me as well. These maps are free for personal, non-commercial use.

Link to 1. Introduction

Link to 2. Historical Perspectives

Link to 3. Health

Link to 4. Disease

Link to 5. Epidemiology Introduction

Link to 6. Epidemiological Methods

Link to 7. Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Link to 8. Investigation of an Epidemic

Link to 9. Smallpox, Chickenpox

Link to 10. Measles, Mumps, Rubella

Link to 11. Influenza and Pandemic Influenza (H1N1)

Link to 12. Diphtheria, Pertussis, Meningococcal Meningitis

Link to 13. Acute Respiratory Illness (ARI)

Link to 14. Tuberculosis (TB)

Link to 15. Poliomyelitis

Link to 16. Viral Hepatitis

Link to 17. Acute Diarrhoeal Disease (ADD)

Link to 18. Cholera

Link to 19. Typhoid, Food Poisoning

Link to 20. Hookworm, Dracunculiasis

Link to 21. Dengue Syndrome

Link to 22. Malaria

Link to 23. Lymphatic Filariasis

Link to 24. Anthrax, Rabies, Yellow Fever

Link to 25. Japanese Encephalitis, KFD, Chikungunya

Link to 26. Brucellosis, Leptospirosis

Link to 27. Human Plague

Link to 28. Rickettsial Zoonoses, Taeniasis

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Useful Link:

Link to related article explaining how to use mental maps:


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