World Rabies Day 2019 (28 September): ‘Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate’

September 28 is celebrated as World Rabies Day each year. This year, the theme is ‘Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate‘.

Key Messages:

Vaccinating your dogs regularly will keep them and your family safe from #rabies


You should always seek medical help/advice if bitten by a dog

Pet dogs and cats can get #rabies too, not just strays. Make sure they’re vaccinated to keep them safe

Dogs do not have #rabies when they are born

Apart from proper food, water, exercise and shelter, you need to vaccinate your dogs against #rabies to be a responsible pet owner


You can teach your community how to prevent #rabies


You can prevent dog bites by learning how to behave around dogs


You should never disturb dogs who are sleeping, eating or taking care of puppies


The best way of preventing #rabies in humans is vaccinating your dog & keeping the vaccinations up to date


A 70% vaccination coverage in dog populations can prevent #rabies from spreading to humans


If you’re bitten by a dog you should wash the wound with soap & running water for 15 minutes then seek medical advice


95% of #rabies deaths happen in Africa & Asia


The global #rabies prevention community is working to end deaths by 2030


Garlic can’t cure rabies


#rabies still kills around 59,000 people every year despite it being 100% preventable


Canine #rabies is one of the world’s oldest diseases & one of the most deadly


Preventative measures save nearly 3 million lives annually. These include canine vaccines & post-exposure human vaccines


Mass dog vaccination programmes have reduced #rabies by 90% in Latin America


Useful Links:

Link to the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) web page on World Rabies Day 2019:

Link to GARC Frequently Asked Questions about Rabies web page:

Link to Zero by 30: The Global Strategic Plan to end human deaths from dog mediated rabies by 2030 (English) [PDF]:


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