Mental Maps in Community Medicine: Bhore Committee, 1946

Disclaimer: This article is primarily intended for my students. However, others may find the same useful, too.

Key Messages:

As students are now in preparation for the forthcoming university examinations, starting today, I will publish mental maps of important topics.

Note 1: The maps will not be published in any particular order.

Note 2: You are free to download and share the maps as long as you do not charge a fee for the same, and provide correct attribution (mention the source (watermark notwithstanding)).

Students are free to request for a particular topic via the comments section below, facebook, or e-mail. The choice of topic will be based on perceived importance, and number of requests.

If students wish that I discuss a particular topic, the same may be requested as well.

The first map in this series is of the Bhore Committee, 1946.

Health Planning 6. Health Planning in India 2. Bhore Committee, 1946

Please let me know if additional explanations (other than the content of the map itself) are required- I will incorporate the same in this and subsequent posts of this nature.

Those who are unfamiliar with the use of mental maps are advised to read previous articles on the same (link below).

Useful Link:

Link to previous article on how to make sense of the maps:



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