The Codex Alimentarius Commission issues new guidance and standards (28 June 2016)

The Codex Alimentarius Commission has issued new guidelines and standards for several food related issues:

Pesticide residues:

  • Maximum pesticide residue limits for several pesticides at step 5/8 (with the omission of steps 6/7)
  • Guidelines for performance criteria for methods of analysis for the determination of pesticide residues in food at Step 5

Link to document (133 pages) (English) [PDF]:

Food Hygiene:

  • Guidelines for the Control of Non-typhoidal Salmonella spp. in Beef and Pork Meat
  • Guidelines on the Application of General Principles of Food Hygiene to the Control of Foodborne Parasites

Link to the document (96 pages) (English) [PDF]:

Nutrient Reference values for Nutrition Labelling:

  • Revised Nutrient Reference Values for Copper, Iron (dietary description and footnote), Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin E and Vitamin A (dietary equivalents and conversion factors)
  • Amendments to Methods of analysis in Standard for Infant Formula and Formulas for Special Medical Purposes Intended for Infants

Link to the document (56 pages) (English) [PDF]:

Food Additives:

  • Specifications for the Identity and Purity of Food Additives
  • Revision of food category 01.1 “Fluid milk and milk products” and consequential changes
  • Amendments to the International Numbering System for Food Additives
  • Revision of Sections 4.1.c and 5.1.c of the General Standard for the Labelling of Food Additives When Sold as Such
  • Revised food additive sections of the standards for Cocoa Butter (CODEX STAN 86-1981), Chocolate and Chocolate Products (CODEX STAN 87-1981), Cocoa (Cacao) Mass (Cocoa/Chocolate Liquor) and Cocoa Cake (CODEX STAN 141-1983) and Cocoa Powders (Cocoas) and Dry Mixtures of Cocoa and Sugars (CODEX STAN 105-1981)
  • Revised food additive provisions of GSFA related to the alignment of the four commodity standards for chocolate and chocolate products (para 52(i) a); and the commodity standards identified by the Committee on Fish and Fishery Products (CCFFP) (para 52(i),b and Appendix VII, Part G and H)
  • Amendment to the Standard for Dairy Fat Spreads (CODEX STAN 253-2006)

Link to the document (101 pages) (English) [PDF]:


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