Three years down! Thank you all

Three years ago I began this blog intending to reach out to my students beyond the classroom. Over the last three years, the purpose of this blog evolved from that narrow mission to that of a site disseminating current (public) health information.

The blog has grown in stature and reach, too- it is now the first search result for the terms ‘community medicine blog’ in the Google browser; and has received more than 17,000 page views in October and November this year.

I am closer to my vision of a user-driven blog, too, with many more asking questions and posting comments.

All this means committing more time to the blog than before, and ensuring I provide quality and timely content.

Thank you all for having been a part of this journey, and encouraging me by your interest in this blog. I hope you will continue to support my efforts by patronizing this blog and providing constructive feedback.

Thanks once again!

Dr. Roopesh


5 thoughts on “Three years down! Thank you all

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