WHO Official Global Public Health campaigns

There are many ‘World’ Days. However, the WHO and its member countries focus particular attention on the seven days and one week that are recognized as “official” global public health campaigns.

Details of these days/ campaigns are given below:

Date            Description                           2015 Theme

24 March     World TB Day                      Not announced

7 April         World Health Day                  Food safety/”From farm to plate. Make food safe”

24-30 April  World Immunization week    “Close the immunization gap”

25 April       World Malaria Day                Not announced

31 May       World No Tobacco Day        “Stop illicit trade of tobacco products”

14 June      World Blood Donor Day        Not announced

28 July       World Hepatitis Day              Not announced

1 Dec         World AIDS Day                   Not announced

Note: The campaign slogan is given in quotes ”  “.

Link to the WHO campaign page:



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