Move over MDGs- welcome P15A!

At the Millennium Summit in September 2000, 191 UN member nations/ states signed the Millennium Declaration, agreeing to achieve 8 goals by 2015. These goals have come to be known as the Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs for short.

Now in 2015, we will know for sure if those goals are achieved or not.

The larger question, however, is this: “What after 2015?”.

Understandably, world leaders have thought about the aforementioned question.

The UN is working with governments, civil society and other partners to build on the momentum generated by the MDGs and carry on with an ambitious post-2015 sustainable development agenda that is expected to be adopted by UN Member States at the Special Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2015.

P15A refers to the Post-2015 Agenda described above.

Useful Links

Link to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Report 2014:

Click to access MDG%202014%20English%20web.pdf

Link to United Nations document “2015 and Beyond: perspectives on Global Development”:

Click to access acronym_5_3_text_lr.pdf

Link to United Nations News page on the Post-2015 Development Process:

Link to United Nations Post-2015 Resources page:

Link to WHO page on Millennium Development Goals:


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