How safe is the proposed pentavalent vaccine? Links to perspectives

The pentavalent vaccine was introduced on a pilot basis in some states (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) by the Government of India. Some infants died after receiving the vaccine.

Now the government proposes to roll out the vaccine nation-wide.

Is the vaccine safe?

Provided below are links to two perspectives/ opinions:

Independent Commentators

Article by Dr. Jacob Puliyel in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics

Article by Harish Nair and colleagues

Click to access 6-Viewpoint%20Nair.pdf

Another article by Dr. Jacob Puliyel in Indian Journal of Medical Research (ICMR)

Click to access editorial.pdf


Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS)

GACVS Terms of Reference

Statement on pentavalent vaccine in Asia (part of another document)

Link to the page providing an extract of GACVS meeting June, 2013

Link to the Weekly Epidemiological Record discussing the experience of said pentavalent vaccine in 4 Asian countries


Link to WHO SEARO document on pentavalent vaccine. Please read page 6

Click to access Pentavalent_vaccine_Guide_for_HWs_with_answers_to_FAQs.pdf


Link to news article reporting ‘clean chit’ given to pentavalent vaccine


Please read and decide for yourself if the Government of India’s proposal to introduce the pentavalent vaccine on a national scale is reasonable/ justified.

Link to Prime Minister’s Office release about pentavalent vaccine among others

Link to news article on introduction of pentavalent vaccine in additional states

I hope each parent and healthcare professional takes an educated decision in light of the above.


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