World No Tobacco Day 2014: Tobacco facts and resources

Tobacco kills about half (50%) of its users.

Smoking and use of smokeless tobacco are just as bad.

Most smokers are not aware that smoking causes coronary heart disease. Many smokers will die of undiagnosed coronary heart disease.

38% of all deaths in the 30-44 years age group due to Ischemic Heart Disease are attributable to tobacco. Tobacco related disease of the cardiovascular system are more likely to kill young people (30-44 years age).

Smokeless tobacco is a major problem in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh:

Globally, tobacco is responsible for 12% of “all other cancers” (cancers other than lung cancer), compared to 16% in India, 17% in Pakistan and 31% in Bangladesh.

Globally, among adults aged 30 years or more, tobacco is responsible for:

5% of all communicable disease deaths

–> 7% of all deaths due to Tuberculosis

–> 12% of all deaths due to lower respiratory infections

14% of all deaths from non-communicable diseases

–> 10% of all deaths from cardiovascular diseases

–> 22% of all cancer deaths

–> 36% of all deaths from diseases of the respiratory system


71% of all lung cancer deaths are attributable to tobacco use.

Bottomline: TOBACCO KILLS. If you use tobacco, STOP TODAY. If you don’t use tobacco, remain that way. DON’T START TOBACCO USE. EVER.

Tobacco related resources:

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