Time to move from wordpress?

I have been facing testing times with WordPress over the last few months.

Publishing a post takes much longer than writing the post itself- it took over an hour for the previous post to be published.

Each time a draft is saved, the page refreshes (as expected). Invariably the refreshed page is different from the page you were trying to save- any ‘saved’ changes disappear, showing the post the way it was before editing and ‘saving’! This would be funny, if it weren’t for the alarming frequency with this happens.

Even after the ‘updated post’ begins to finally look like what you had in mind, you cannot publish it. Pressing the ‘publish’ button does not change the status of the post from ‘draft’ to ‘published’. When you check the list of all posts, the post is shown as ‘draft’- even though you’ve already published it! Again, this has happened too many times to be a mere coincidence.

Even the in-line links don’t get saved until many attempts later.

That all this has left me extremely distressed is an understatement.

Why should one spend so much time on creating content for the blog if all that effort is going to be trumped by an inefficient portal that forces you to spend considerably more time trying to publish it in a desired form, than what it took to create the post in the first place?

I ‘edited’, ‘saved’ and ‘published’ the previous post more than 20 times (approx.). 

I have had enough with this, and plan to shift to another portal/ provider. I will inform the details of the new site in due course of time.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Dr. Roopesh


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