Submitting topic requests: a few suggestions

I’d like to propose a few suggestions for those inclined to post topic requests:

1. Please be very specific– ‘Biostatistics’, or ‘communicable diseases’ are not useful; ‘chi-square test’ and ‘epidemiology of tuberculosis in India’ are.

2. Please indicate your background and what you already know about the topic. In order for my response/ post to benefit you, I must know how much you already know, or at least the level at which I can respond to your query.

3. Please mention the amount of explanation required– one or two line explanation; or a more elaborate response.

4. If possible, please post URLs or shots of whatever you’ve been reading and could not understand. This will enable a more focused response that is specific to your query.

5. I do not do ‘urgent‘ requests, so please do not post any requests of that nature (or be prepared to experience a delay in response).

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