Epidemiology Supercourse

The ‘Epidemiology Supercourse’ is hosted by the University of Pittsburgh.

The Supercourse itself is a repository of lectures on global health and prevention. The endeavour involves more than 56,000 scientists in 174 countries. Together, they have created a repository of 5,620 lectures.

The lectures have been organized under various headings, and will likely be useful to everyone interested in public health and epidemiology.

Readers are free to download content from the supercourse site.

There is also the option of joining this endeavour yourself!

One of the highest rated such repositories, the supercourse has been featured prominently in the scientific and print media.

The link to the Supercourse home page is given below:


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2 thoughts on “Epidemiology Supercourse

    1. drroopesh Post author

      I concur.
      However, I prefer that readers arrive at their own conclusions (instead of denying information about it because of [my] personal bias).

      Dr. Roopesh



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