An Open Letter of Thanks

Dear All,

This blog was conceived in November 2012 as a means to try and make life a little easier for those grappling with Community Medicine.

From 1 page view in November, the number increased to double figures in December, and remained at that level till May, 2013. This was largely on account of infrequent blogging on  my part.

I took up serious blogging only in mid May this year, and the page views crossed 100 for the first time in June, 2013. Buoyed by the response, I blogged ~regularly in July.

I must admit that I was overwhelmed by the response to some posts. Although I have not received any comments till date, the ‘likes’ have provided additional motivation to continue blogging.

The blog has crossed 1000 page views today.

I would like to thank everyone for their support.

Please continue to support this blog in the future as well, and wherever possible, do leave feedback for me.

Thanks and regards,

Most Humbly,

Dr. Roopesh


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