Levels of Prevention: Interventions at each level

Intervention: Action taken to improve a (health) condition or state.

Primordial Prevention: The risk factor(s) itself has not made an appearance till now. The easiest thing would be to try and keep it that way. All measures intended to keep the risk factor away would be included here. Legislation, promoting a healthy lifestyle and health education are the main interventions at this level.

Legislation, health promotion, health education

Primary Prevention: Although the risk factor has appeared, the disease hasn’t occurred yet. The idea is to try to prevent the disease from occurring. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and taken specific measures to protect oneself from acquiring the disease are the main interventions at this level.

Health promotion, specific protection, health education

Secondary Prevention: The disease has occurred, but complications haven’t. Preventing complications is the main objective. This is possible if the disease is diagnosed early and appropriate treatment initiated without delay.

Early diagnosis, appropriate treatment, health education

Tertiary Prevention: Complications have occurred, leading to disability. Now, the main focus is on minimizing disability and restoring to normalcy (rehabilitation).

Disability limitation, rehabilitation, health education


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