Review: “Technical Terms”

Risk factor: Something (A characteristic/ behaviour pattern/ attribute/ substance, etc.) that is known (or suspected) to be associated with the occurrance of a health condition or state.  

Outcome: Consequence or end result of interest

Prevention: The act of stopping something from happening or arising

Primordial Prevention: Refers to measures intended to prevent a health related outcome that are applied even before the risk factors (for that outcome) appear.

Primary Prevention: Refers to measures aimed at preventing a health related outcome in a situation where the risk factors (for that outcome) are already present.

Secondary Prevention: Refers to preventive measures applied after the occurrance of a health outcome. The aim is to prevent/ delay the occurrence of complications through early diagnosis and appropriate treatment,

Disability: Inability to perform an activity that can be ordinarily performed by others of the same age. Often, this is due to a loss of function/ defect in a body part/ system.

Rehabilitation:  The process of restoring someone to health or normal life by training and therapy after illness.

Tertiary Prevention:  Refers to the preventive measures employed after the occurrence of complications. The purpose is to minimize disability due to the complications, as well as rehabilitation of the individual.


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