Lessons from the story: Tertiary Prevention

Skip to the point where the boy has become paralyzed from the waist down.

He was provided the best “medical and rehabilitative services” that the island could offer. As a result, he was able to walk with support (using crutches) about a year later.

What would have happened without these services? He would (probably) never have been  able to walk again. So the services helped prevent a life of physical dependence.

All preventive measures employed after complications have occurred are included under tertiary prevention. These measures intend to achieve the following:

i. Minimize the effects of complications;

ii. Restore the individual to normalcy (or as close to normalcy as possible).

Thus, tertiary prevention comprises of preventive measures undertaken after complications have occurred. The purpose of tertiary prevention is to minimize the effects of complications, while also restoring normalcy (to the extent possible).


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